Services is a small gospel shop in Amsterdam built by a community of Christians. The intention was to have a place where Christians can gather and be soaked in the word of God. The profit earned from the shop is used to donate Bibles to churches.


Printed T-Shirts for Christian Events and Gathering


We also print on t-shirts and customize the design for your events needs. Wearing the same t-shirt symbolizes unity. We know how important this is for churches, so we included t-shirt printing on our services. The prices of our t-shirt printing services are remarkably lower compared to commercial stores. The t-shirts can be bought outside or inside the shop. It is all up to you. We also have personalized t-shirts printed with verses from the Bible. They are ready-made and come in different sizes.


Creative Works, Displays, And More supports Christian artists to sell their creative works. You can find the paintings at the shop. Creative works include stickers, Christian bracelets, and more. We also have plenty of wall displays containing Bible verses perfect for homes. We believe that we should surround ourselves with the word of God. The best way to do that is to influence our most dominant sense which is seeing. Seeing the word of God through creative works and wall displays is a simple way to remind ourselves who we are in Christ.


Praise Songs, Christian Movies, and Books


You don’t need to buy website traffic and go to church to meditate on the word of God. You listen and meditate on the word of God daily. Don’t get us wrong, going to church is essential in our Christian life. But we need to keep ourselves soaked in the word of God even we are outside of the church. The best way to do this is to listen to praise songs, watch Christian movies, and devotion books.