Christian Habits: Morning Routine

Morning is the most powerful time of the day. As Christians, we need to make the most of it.

A Grateful Start


Most of us forget to be thankful for the little things. The fact you’re awake from sleep is already a blessing. When you are able to stretch your arms wide open from the moment you wake up is a privilege denied to many. Start your day with an attitude of gratefulness. Thank God for all the beautiful things in your life. Acknowledge Him as your Father and thank Him for all the good things He planned out for you.



Daily Meditation on His Word


It pays to wake up early, so you’ll have time to meditate on His word before you go out. It helps us get ready and be prepared for the world. You can also write on your journal ready to gather your thoughts, release your worries, and write your favourite verse for the day. Have you heard of the word Rema? It means utterance, constantly uttering the words, and understanding the deeper meanings of them. The word of God is so rich. It encourages us to continue on our faith and live our lives in righteousness.




CommunionEvery time you eat for breakfast, remember what Christ did for you. When Jesus was about to crucified, He gathered His disciples into their last supper. He made a gesture that will later on become a great significance in our Christian life. We understood that the bread represents His body that was broken for our sake. We now knew that the wine symbolizes His blood shattered, so we can receive salvation. He did all these for you. As Christians, we can honour what He has done for us by simply doing a communion.


Nourish Our Temple


The Bible reminds us that our body’s a temple. Every morning, nourish your body. Exercise while you are listening to praise songs. If non-believers can take care of their body, so are you. Simple exercises will help. You can even do it at home. Also, you can search for exercises online to help bloggers get cheap website traffic. Also, don’t forget to eat healthy for the rest of the day.