Introducing Bible To Your Child

Your child is one of the great gifts that God gave you. It’s a responsibility we both hate and love. But in the end, our love for them wins. Every Christian parent should teach their children the stories of the Bible. At an early age, it will benefit your child to learn the lessons in the Bible. It may be difficult at first because of the many distractions like mobile phones and cartoons. But with the right introduction, it will be a bliss.


Start with Activities


Before you totally introduce the Bible, have fun activities with your child. It’s a good way to assess your child’s thinking and get to know him or her more. Doing activities with your children also shifts their attention from gadgets. According to a tech blog, gadgets are addictive especially if there are no other activities at home the children can choose from. Sparing your children some time makes a difference in your relationship with them. It’s also easier to teach them when they feel comfortable with your presence.


Illustrations are Great


At an early stage, your child would love illustrations and creative presentation. Do you remember your childhood? You must have loved illustrations, too. For children at the age of 5 to 10 years old, it would be useful to buy children’s bible. It is perfect for starters because the wordings are made simpler. And also, there will be creative illustrations on every page. Your child will have ideas on how the people at the time look like, and it makes it easier for them to imagine the characters. It’s like reading the Bible in full colours.

Read with Your Children


As much as possible, be part of their journey. Read them Bible stories then teach them how to pray before they go to sleep. Explain them the things they cannot understand in the Bible. Make it a wonderful time, so that they’ll associate reading Bible stories with you as warm. Having a child might be hard, but it is also a wonderful experience. Learn and grow with them in Christ.